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  1. secondcareernurse

    Should I Do Entry Level MSN?

    Your degrees combined cost $15,000? How long ago? In my area, ADN/BSN/MSN all cost the same, which is in the neighborhood of $40,000. Seems a shame to get a lower level degree if one can go straight for the MSN for the same price, unless of course it makes finding entry work difficult/impossible.
  2. secondcareernurse

    Job opportunities for entry level MSN grad?

    I already have an undergrad degree in biology and an MA in environmental education, but I'm ready for a career change. I'm debating between doing an entry level MSN program or an associate's RN program. It sounds like having a MSN opens some interesting career opportunities, but I'm wondering if that's not really the case for an entry level nurse. I'm worried that the entry level MSN would make me over-educated and under-experienced and make it difficult to find my first job. What are your thoughts? Is the ELMSN program a good route or should I do the ASN and then consider a higher degree later if necessary?

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