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  1. Hello, I am interested in your notes / text books. Are they all hard copies? And is your price firm? Thank you 

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    2. OsiriaRose


      Also, were you from the bronx campus? Our program will be held there. 

    3. Nursebooks2020


      I did not graduate from Mercy. The notes are not my individual notes. The notes are PDF DL books, audio, and notes. I did not count how many files  but they are near close to 100 files.  

      I'm not selling you my notes that I took during my school year. I'm selling you the books and you're getting what I downloaded over the course of my school for free. I did not go to Mercy. 

    4. 123nursepurse


      Hey! Is the offer for the books still available ? Definitely interested if it is 


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