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  1. Thank you for the suggestion. I will move it there.
  2. They do recruit nurses and not license agency in the Philippines I help my niece financially to process her NCLEX RN exam in the state of Texas BON so my niece told me to avail the service of this company because the process of her exam is complicated so we trusted this company and they are asking a lot of money. The service fee is way way..too much.. They are charging every step of the process and charge unnecessary fees such as Finger print card fee that supposed to be free. The processing took longer. They are very slow in processing and always replying to my niece that in process the application. I was worried because we paid soo much money and what if this agency is a scam in the Philippines. So my niece told me that this agency is affiliated with Texas Board of Nursing and they even have picture with Texas evaluator so that was a RED Flag to me..how can i U.S. government agency authorize with a company in PH for processing so i called Texas BON and tell this and i was right the BON said they don't have any authorized agency in PH and also they don't authorize anybody so now its interesting how this agency is marketing to Filipino nurses lying to all everyone and pretend to be affiliated with BON so anyways time pass..very long and slow processing..my niece got an ATT and took the exam but Failed yet this agency also help her to review but they couldn't even help her to pass. This is very disappointing agency and another thing..my niece is a member of their FB Group called Lefora Filipino Nurses to US ..they own this group and they are Hiring Nurses and doing recruitment and they are not legal agency in Philippines.... this company is very fishy..i hope you guys are be careful to any agency in the Philippines especially this agency beware.
  3. Kathy Lab

    applying for NCLEX - Philippines Trained Nurse

    Hello, I applied Arizona and it was quite complicated so my Aunt paid all the fees to NEAC for my eligibility to examination so i am not sure how much they charged total from start to beginning to end. I also availed their school credentials service so it was hassle-free service. The agent who handle my application was very accommodating and answered my questions and also always send me updates so it wasn't bad at all to avail of their service. It was worth it. It was also my friend in the U.S. who recommended me their services. Anyways at the end i PASS :) and now USRN....thats what matter :)

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