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  1. RNtoNPtoRN

    UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    Good job!! No interview for me
  2. RNtoNPtoRN

    UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    @StanleyNickels mines say ready for review as well. Based on the email that was sent last Wednesday, I think interviews are granted based on the packet we sent to CMC and not UNCC. When Yvonne asked for my transcripts I asked her if she could obtain the official transcripts that were already at UNCC Attached to my application and she said she couldn't.
  3. RNtoNPtoRN

    UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    So I spoke with Yvonne Mobley this morning (she called me). Apparantly there's like 6 of us with incomplete applications. My problem was that my name was not shown on my unofficial transcripts so I had to resend them. She says the person reviewing the applications is not in today and that decisions will not be made on who to interview until all of our applications are complete (I'm sure within a reasonable time frame). She does believe we should know before the end of the week. She also does not know how many applicants they will take this round.
  4. RNtoNPtoRN

    UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    I will apply to Wake Forest when it opens February 1. I have also considered applying to UNCG my alma mater. In all honesty, I am putting my all into UNCC because I want to start this year. Waiting another year and a half to start is daunting especially since the programs are now 3 years. What about you?
  5. RNtoNPtoRN

    UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    You're stats are great! You definitely blow my GPAs out of the water. Good luck with the GRE! Based on the stats I've seen, you are very competitive!
  6. RNtoNPtoRN

    UNC Charlotte DNP Nurse Anesthesia 2020

    Congrats to everyone on their acceptance! I am applying for the Jan 10th deadline. With such amazing stats I am now super nervous ! My stats are as follow: NP already with DNP, CCRN/PALS/ACLS/BLS, 5 years ICU experience at a teaching hospital (2014-2018) (I'm planning to start an ICU travel assignment 2/2020), nursing preceptor, served on various hospital committees, UG GPA 3.38 UG science 3.33, Graduate GPA 3.78. I'm super nervous about my 1 year gap in bedside nursing, but hopefully with 5 years of ICU experience under my belt and starting a job back at the bedside in February, I am hoping that will play into my favor. I'm also nervous about my UG GPA but I am hoping my graduate GPA will make me more competitive.
  7. RNtoNPtoRN

    NP to CRNA

    I was wondering if there were any CRNAs who were NPs first? I am currently a primary care NP but I was an ICU nurse previously. I absolutely hate being an NP and I am applying for CRNA school. I miss the hands on aspect of patient care as well as the procedures and drips. I am wanting to hear other folks' journeys about transitioning from NP to CRNA, the reason why, and overall satisfaction after transition.
  8. RNtoNPtoRN

    Newbie Dialysis RN

    Thank you so much for your insight! This was the most encouraging response I have ever read. I've been an ICU nurse for 5 years, but I have been wanting to do dialysis for over half that time! Dialysis has been a burning passion of mine! I have always admired the nurses who would travel to the ICU to dialyze my patients at the bedside. I am finally taking the leap and interviewing for an acute position. It's nice to come across a fellow nurse who also enjoys the specialty. I hope it is everything I imagine it to be.

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