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  1. University of South Carolina 2021 CRNA

    I was accepted to the Columbia campus as well; however, I will be declining the offer... Good luck Hamiltons12!
  2. UNCG CRNA 2021?

    I just received an acceptance email!
  3. UNCG CRNA 2021?

    Are you talking about the spartanlink portal or application manager?
  4. UNCG CRNA 2021?

    Smh I would have never known to apply through the spartanlink portal
  5. UNCG CRNA 2021?

    Good question... I've been checking the application manager
  6. Spring 2021 University of North Carolina - Charlotte (UNCC)

    Wow... I'm sorry to hear that. She normally responds to emails fairly quickly. Not saying that you should do this, but if it were me, I would email her again especially knowing that others have received decisions by the stated deadline.
  7. Spring 2021 University of North Carolina - Charlotte (UNCC)

    A similar situation happened in January. They said we would know by a certain date and we weren't actually informed until 1-2 weeks later.
  8. Spring 2021 University of North Carolina - Charlotte (UNCC)

    Soooo can we talk about those two weird emails? First I received a rejection letter where none of the suggestion points applied to me... Then I get a subsequent email saying "recall the CMC Anesthesia email".... Did this happen to anyone else?
  9. DNAP starts at UofSC

    HawtRN, applications are suppose to open August-ish for the DNAP which will begin next year.... I want to say it'll start next May (2021)
  10. UofSC CRNA Spring 2021

    I did not get in. I will try again in August
  11. UofSC CRNA Spring 2021

    Awesome! I'm still waiting.
  12. UofSC CRNA Spring 2021

    Oh gosh.... now I'm jittery
  13. Newbie Dialysis RN

    No, I did not take the acute dialysis position.. I now work in the CTICU. Many of my classmates went on to be dialysis nurses right out of school and had no regrets/transition difficulties. What do you WANT to do?
  14. UofSC CRNA Spring 2021

    How was the meet and greet? I interviewed today, but a storm knocked out everything and I missed it 😭
  15. Why I Left the NP Profession

    Hello everyone! I am here to discuss my decision to leave the Nurse Practitioner profession. In a way, I feel it is therapeutic to discuss my decision. Also, I hope to help anyone else who may also consider leaving the profession. Prior to me leaving...