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  1. GorillaWafers

    New to Cardiac Cath Lab

    Thank you very much. I will find this text in second edition and save a few bucks. Looks like an excellent reference though.
  2. GorillaWafers

    New to Cardiac Cath Lab

    I am an RN with 8 years of clinical experience in the Emergency Department. I have focused my certifications and continuing education in the field of critical care and even obtained a CCRN certification. I earned a position in the Cardiac Cath Lab and I am on day 2 of orientation. It is A TON of new content and a completely new experience from my previous knowledge base. Are there any texts/teaching points/good learning modules that I can use to make the transition a bit less cumbersome? I obviously have a preceptor, BUT I am seeking out my peers as an independent exercise so that I can make things easier on my preceptor as well. Thank you in advance and I hope you guys can help guide me a bit.
  3. GorillaWafers

    Professional Certifications

    I have obtained a CCRN certification for professional growth, but I am feeling the need to obtain more for continuing education, as well as clinical knowledge. I would like to take CPEN and TCRN, but I am trying to determine which order to obtain these (consider I took the CCRN and which step would be logical/most efficient to prepare for). Any advice would be awesome. Thank you fellow nurses!

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