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  1. I have a legal question concerning sign on bonus repayment. I recently took a job with a hospital for a sign on bonus and was told I would get 40 hrs per wk and everything was good there. After my 6 week orientation and I started to settle in I found out that nurses were being made to take mandatory low census days and that I would also be thrown in that mix.... not to mention that a large group of surgeons were leaving making the case load drop tremendously causing it to be even more difficult to get my hours. Needless to say, I went back to my old hospital but I did agree to stay there PRN. When I left, administration told me that they knew things were “bad” but weren’t allowed to say anything. I was upset because I felt they should’ve never brought me on under false pretenses. 

    Now that hospital wants me to pay back that sign on bonus. I agree we can negotiate this, but they want the money NOW. It was a $7k sign on. Why should I pay them back when they flat out LIED about the stabilization of the surgery center? That was unfair to me. Do I have any legal ground to stand on? 

    1. beachynurse

      beachynurse, ASN, BSN

      You might need to consult with an attorney. Did you sign a contract? I’d go back and read that first to see what it says. You may have to repay the hospital since you did not fulfill your end of the bargain. I know what you are saying about the hospital not keeping their end but this can get messy. 


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