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Melissag has 4 years experience and specializes in Step-Down, Med-Surg, ICU.

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  1. Melissag

    Quitting Job To Take Travel Position?

    I’ve submitted one contract two weeks ago and all the needs were cancelled because staff nurses were given a raise. It would be a huge inconvenience to go a they cancel. I would love to wait it out, but if an assignment come up I would still have to wait two weeks.
  2. I’ve been a nurse for almost three years and it has always been a goal for me to become a travel nurse. I’ve been seeing several positions posted, but they all want you to leave and be on assignment in 2-3 days. It’s impossible for me to take one of these short term assignments, which is what I’m looking for (4-8 weeks) and resign the correct way. I have a PRN job that I was going to pick up at a few days a week to replace full time hours until I was able to find an assignment. I have also decided the only way I would be able to take an assignment is to resign my full time position. I spoke with my manager and he was not willing to let me go PRN. I keep hearing reports of travel nurse contracts being cancelled due to low census, which is why I’m looking for a short term assignment. I was planning to travel starting in the Summer berfore the COVID-19 crisis. I am exposed to COVID patients on both of my jobs. Anyone in this same position or similar position? How are you dealing with it ?
  3. Melissag

    Travel nurse while in FNP program

    Hi, I recently started FNP school part time. I have at least another year before I start clinicals. I’ve been a nurse for two years with ICU, Stepdown ICU, and Med Surg experience. I’ve been an ICU nurse for 9 months, and I do not like it. I do not see myself doing it pass my year mark. When I left my previous job, I took a pay cut because I knew the experience would pay off. Recently, I’ve been considering taking local travel assignments and keeping one local PRN ( tax purposes) in order to work the same amount of hours and get paid more money weekly. I’ve been thinking about working weekends once I start clinicals. This solution could help me focus on school and not worry about finances during that period. Any suggestions ??