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Jen9RN specializes in Dermatology.

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  1. Hello everyone! I graduated in 2017 from a one year accelerated bachelors program. Concurrently I met my future husband my last semester of school who lives in the Cayman Islands and because I was waiting for my clearance to test I came out to the island while I studied. After passing my NCLEX I applied for nurse residency programs in my state of California but was never invited to interview and never secured a residency. So I transferred my nursing license here in Cayman Islands to be with my guy, he isn’t a US citizen so had I gone home to the US it would have meant quite a lengthy distance. After a year and a half I’ve learned that nursing here is nothing compared to the states, my pay is lower than a server’s. I am so discouraged in my future chosen career. I am worried that when we are able to go to the U.S. that I’m going to have a really difficult time finding a job. I have been looking into at least utilizing my time to study for specialty certifications and have been searching for remote work but not having any luck, it’s very rare that a remote job doesn’t require showing up from time to time In an office or require you to reside in a certain location. More days than not I think about abandoning this career path and relying on my second degree. I need some advice, any advice.