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Neave specializes in Gynae/ivf.

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  1. Neave

    Anybody here??

    @ILoveHorsesRN thank you for the kind message. Really appreciate it. Hi thank you so much for your message. Really appreciate it. Hope I can look back and laugh at it one day.
  2. Neave

    Anybody here??

    Hi I'm so glad I came across this post. I've been a nurse since 2003 and have worked in various areas of nursing over the yrs. After taking some time out I went back to work again. I just took a tele triage for healthline. And I've been overwhelm by the 2 weeks training. Not enjoying it so far. Feel like I'm no good at it. I was meant to go solo this week but still getting preceptored. The company is been very supportive by providing me the help and I get to work from home. But I feel I'm no good at it. I feel like quitting already.