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    Quit my CNA Job ???!

    Hello all! I’ve been working as a CNA on the west coast for almost 2 years now! I love being a CNA! I became a CNA with the goal of gaining healthcare experience for PA school. I made that clear to my nursing director when I was hired. So fast forward to today and I got into PA school!!! I don’t start PA school until next fall. My dilemma is should I continue to be a CNA until I start school or quit and find another job now that I have secured my spot in pa school. I really want to keep this job for now because I have direct contact with patients and I feel it would make me a better healthcare provider in the long run. On the flip side we have been short staffed as our unit cut back down to once cna for 18 patients on a cardiac step down unit due to budgeting issues. I really love this job and my coworkers and the patients but I get paid a measly 15 bucks an hour doing back breaking work. Should I just quit and do a boring office job until I start? Help