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  1. Yes! I am just patiently waiting for October to get here. It sure seems so far away..:(
  2. dbskyo96

    El Centro Spring 2020

    Oh! That's good! Yeah, I guess we might have fewer application pool this semester? Well, not a lot of people are responding to the forums:( I contacted school and they told me that they take applications through email? So we should send our application form and our HESI score only and the rest will be done on castle branch.
  3. dbskyo96

    El Centro Spring 2020

    I am applying for El centro Spring 2021! Have you finished all of your vaccination? I will be applying with 35 for now, but I will retake HESI next week to increase my points.
  4. Hello, is anyone else applying for nursing 2021 Spring Semester? I wanted to start a forum so that we could share information!
  5. dbskyo96

    El Centro 2021 Spring

    Hello, is anyone else applying for El Centro 2021 Spring? The application is due next month so I wanted create a new forum so we can all share information!
  6. Yeah she said that admissions have been delayed and that she’ll let us know if there are any updated information.
  7. I just emailed Mrs. Self-Drake. I’ll let you guys know!
  8. I have mine scheduled for Thursday!
  9. Yes! Good luck!!!
  10. I received an email! I got selected for an interview!
  11. I have no idea on how many applied and how many they take.
  12. I haven’t gotten anything back yet. Has everyone else got there results back?
  13. Has anyone heard anything yet? Or is it just me?
  14. No but on the timeline they’re supposed to start the interviews next week.
  15. Nothing yet?
  16. dbskyo96

    Fall 2020 El Centro Nursing Program Applicants

    Hello! I think it is going to be competitive.. but I think 40 will be okay? I am planning on applying to El Centro, Mountain View, and Brookhaven for Fall 2020. But I'm not sure if I am eligible to apply to El Centro. I have an overall score of 38 but I don't know if I could apply because my hesi score was 96 on math, 96 on reading, 92 on grammar, 86 on A&P, but vocab was 76... But I don't want to retake hesi because I'm scared my scores are going to drop. Any suggestions or ideas?

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