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IV therapy, Chelation, Geriatrics, AntiAging
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MLM007 specializes in IV therapy, Chelation, Geriatrics, AntiAging.

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  1. I needed to start asap. I applied in October, was accepted in November and plan to start in January. LPN, a great first step and you increase your earning potential for life.
  2. MLM007

    Conflict on continuing my education

    Please get your degree before kids. I didn't and I'm a cautionary tale. I'm 53 and entering this field now. I'm stoked about that part! The reason I am starting now is marriage of long duration, supporting my ex, not being supported in educational endeavors, divorced 15 years out of the job market. It's not sad - but don't let it happen to you. Loss of a partner can devastate you financially. You owe it to yourself. Your degree will fly by and it will set you up for life - even as a fall back.
  3. MLM007

    Am I too old to become a nurse?

    Ah, this is my question as well. I have lower back issues and often walk with a cane. I've been in pharmaceutical consulting for many years and that is a specialty I'd like to explore also. I completed my BS in Chem in 1986 so lots of associated experience. I have to physically endure th 1 year practicum. I can schedule around issues once I graduate but.... I've been accepted to a 1 year LPN program. I'm stoked but also concerned! I think I'll talk to the counsellor about this? thanks
  4. I worked as a receptionist in a rehab clinic. The nurses there loved it. I agree with the above comment "it was the easiest physical job".... that's one of the top reasons I am going back to school (since the 90's), to get a LPN. I am in early 50's and need a second career. Agreed on all the patient stuff. I was a caregiver as well. Tons of patience is how the nurses dealt with it. But otherwise it was an easy, enjoyable gig. Hard to get benefits though. None of the nurses were employed full time by the clinic. Several rotated through and they loved it. It could be chaotic, but no spurting blood or gun shots so pretty tame I would guess.
  5. I love both quotes. I am at the "Do, or do not. There is no try" point. As a Chemist for many years, I feel sonography or med tech are not catering to the disease but focusing on making your job fun and less stressful. However, if you are set on nursing because you love it, have patience and love to help people - don't settle! I am wondering about my physical ability to complete the training! I have lower back issues. I have rehabbed the issue but it is untested in a full time job manner! My friends that are nurses say I can do it. .... again... Do, or do not. There is no try..... Yoda
  6. Dear Allnurses, I am starting a LPN nursing program soon. I am starting a new career in nursing as I am in my early 50's. I am concerned I can physically endure the 1 year of practicum. I have limitations but I am not disabled. My apologies for a very specific topic. Is LPN training something that those with minor physical limitations can hope to do? Thank you and I am looking forward to responses. MLM