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    Birmingham, Al area tuition reimbursement

    Hi all, I’m a new nurse who is hoping to continue my education in the future. One thing that is very important to me is tuition reimbursement. I was told that UAB offers “100% tuition reimbursement “, however, I recently found out from the nurses on my unit where I’m precepting that UAB only pays up to $5,000, and also taxes you for the amount of assistance you recieve. Any amount over $5k they subtract from your paychecks. Still a great offer but not as transparent as I think it needs to be to enable people to decide whether or not they can afford more debt! I am considering other hospitals too but unsure of what their reimbursement plans are. Does anyone have any insight into St. Vincent’s/Ascension health Birmingham’s tuition reimbursement and can give me the REAL deal scoop on what these reimbursement plans entail? Grandview? Brookwood? I just want to know the details and fine print from someone who has received reimbursement from these institutions and I don’t feel like I can get the full answer from any recruiters or hiring managers.

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