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  1. My parents are. We are did not qualify for financial aid and it is a concern of mine that they will not help me with schooling if I change my major to something they do not approve of. That being said, I could work as an LPN until I save enough money to continue my schooling and not be considered a dependent when filing the FAFSA.
  2. I am still unsure of their reasonings. They keep saying that I wouldn’t have known I like nutrition unless I had entered this program, and “I don’t know what I know until I know it” which is their way of saying I can’t decide I don’t like nursing until I am actually working as a nurse.
  3. I am currently in a program to get licensed as an LPN and will graduate at the end of June, and it goes direct progression into the ADN program next fall. Sorry for the lack of clarity in my post!
  4. Hi all, I joined this forum because I am in desperate need of support and advice. I am a nursing student in an LPN to ADN program. Both my parents are nurses, I have several family members who are also nurses, and the reason I chose nursing as a major (I am fresh out of high school) is because I want to help people. Everyone was thrilled that I chose nursing. I had an immense amount of doubt about nursing after submitting my application, and realized there are so many things I am passionate about such as social activism and politics and that nursing may not be a good match for me. I have never been a huge fan of science to begin with, and I have not been enjoying really any of my nursing classes except for my Intro to Nutrition class. I had always been very interested in nutrition before applying to college but never considered it as a major. Now I love that class and I want to transfer to a nearby college to switch my major to Nutrition and to get my RD. My parents will not hear any of it. Everyone around my can see how miserable I am in this program expect for them. Since they are nurses they keep telling me “we know what you’re going through and it will be worth it in the end” but what they don’t see is how I fall apart every week after clinical thinking about how I’m signing my life away to do this thing I am unhappy with forever. They keep saying that “I chose this major” and don’t understand that I am change my mind and find something better suited to me. I think I could pass my RN year and get my license, and yes, I probably COULD do this but I don’t WANT to do this. I am doing well in my classes which require an average higher than 85, and I am above that average, even though I am taking 19 credits while most in my class already took their pre reqs and have 10-12 credits (the majority of my classmates are non traditional learners who are mostly around 25-45). I am not afraid of hard work, but doing so much work for something I don’t enjoy in the slightest just doesn’t seem reasonable to me. As an RD I could still help people and do something I love and enjoy, but it just wouldn’t be in the nursing environment. I am very confused and lost and I would appreciate some advice. Thank you.