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  1. proofG

    Lord- Coronavirus drama

    For those worried about when you should suspect vs not, there is 3 different combinations that meet criteria to be a person under investigation (PUI) from the CDC, simplified: 1. Symptomatic (febrile, cough, SOB) AND recent contact with a CONFIRMED case of covid-19. 2. Symptomatic (febrile, cough, SOB) AND recent travel to SPECIFIC areas affected (China, Italy, etc). 3. SEVERELY symptomatic (hospitalization level fever, cough, SOB) and other things have been r/o (I.e. flu) For those school nurses, if they're coming to you, they're obviously not #3. The first two are pretty specific. You can tell parents that their kids do not meet criteria to be a PUI. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/clinical-criteria.html
  2. proofG

    New RNs making more than experienced RNs

    Sounds like a good reason to update the resume!
  3. proofG

    Lazy patient

    Agree with others about considering the patient's social/family background.
  4. proofG


    @juan de la cruz If one wanted to practice in out-patient cards, based on your comment, is acute care or FNP more appropriate? I am starting an FNP program and am interested in out-patient cards. Thank you for all of your comments on this site, they have helped tremendously.
  5. proofG

    How to maximize income for an FNP?

    and an influencer!
  6. proofG

    How to maximize income for an FNP?

    What are some things you could do preemptively to maximize your eventual income, particularly as an FNP? What are some financial/career information you wish you had learned earlier? Once you are practicing, how can you increase income. Side gigs? PRN work? Curious to hear your thoughts. I know we aren't doing this job for money, but might as well aim high. Thanks in advance!
  7. proofG

    Emory ABSN+MSN 2020

    I paid my deposit a while ago and have not received any checklist besides to send in FAFSA for both 2019-20 and 2020-21, and to send in proof of residency stuff (license, birth cert, etc). The rest I have been basing off of their previous lists, like the one I attached. Updated-Checklist-for-Undergraduate-Admitted-Students-7-2-18.pdf
  8. proofG

    Emory ABSN+MSN 2020

    I didn't realize I had one. If you ever got a FAFSA email from them, there is a link to opus. There's a part of the page that says "Obtain network ID/password." I just did that and it gave me log in credentials. (if you didn't get that email, try this link https://saprod.emory.edu/psp/saprod/?cmd=login ) hopefully that works!

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