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    Accused of diverting non narcotics

    Lawyer, any day of the week. Get a lawyer, tell the investigator that everything will be handled thru him or her. Make sure the lawyer has knowledge of medical boards. Your lawyer will set up a time for the investigator to interview you and should be present during the questions. Mine was on conference call .

    False positive urine

    So, I have completed the polygraph and had a hair follicle test. I've also continued my daily check ins. I'm thankful to whomever informed me to do so, because I was picked yesterday. I contacted my CM to ask if I was supposed to complete it, being I was informed by her of dismissed from the program. And, she told me I hadn't been dismissed. WHAT!!??!! She told me and my HR rep i had been "urgently dismissed ", and now she's saying "nope, I didn't say that" Myself and my HR rep were also told the BON would make a decision early this week. I spoke with the deputy of advanced practice providers with the BON at 430 this afternoon, they've not received a report, its still with HPMP. How can such life alternating and damning information be so incompetently delivered? What if I'd not had a support group, what if.., I'm so very confused at this point. And tired, very tired. This is worse than a rollercoaster, it's a wheel barrel rolling down a steep incline, and I'm locked inside

    False positive urine

    I used my resources, I used my program, and ONE DAY, ONE FRACTION OF A DAY, I'll get through this. Now, I'm waiting to see how long my employer will keep me. That's another conundrum, because I actually resigned the Friday before I received the news from HPMP. My mind thinks they will assume I new this was coming, and believe I actually did something. Oh..., I was told the board will make a decision on my licences next week And I know I spelled cadeuces wrong

    False positive urine

    I relapsed in the program over 1 year ago. I self reported. The only positive test was then. Since then, you would not believe the things I've done and been required to do by HPMP; taking naltrexone, having coworkers witness me taking naltrexone twice a week, I had to go inpatient ( kept 28 days), repeated IOP, for 6 weeks, besides weekly urine, blood appx every 6th week, I wanted to see a counselor, it was made a part of my contract and had to go weekly for almost 1 year, and "no", I'd never been late on paperwork or missed a check in before or after my relapse, as mentioned no positive urines or diluted ( with exception of the relapse) I hadn't thought about the hair testing as extra proof, I will do that with the polygraph. My therapist (which I had to go back to, to deal with this ***), is going to give me alcohol swab tests, and I'm going to continue with every 3rd week blood tests. I wish I could say I haven't thought of drinking, but when I was told of my dismissal, I certainly thought of it. But, I do have a sponsor and I have a cadesuces group.

    Panicked. Missed check in

    I've a friend who'd always do a blood draw after missed check ins. It did catch up to her though, they added a year to her 5 year contract. Now its 6 years. VAHPMP

    False positive urine

    Its 1130pm. I can't sleep worried about this. I can remember the feelings of guilt and shame in active addiction, and I hate that this feels similar. Made an appt with my psychologist for tomorrow, even if this pans out to be the error it is, it is extremely unjust. And, could it happen again?!!

    False positive urine

    Lots. It has to be contamination. But, on pins and needles to see how HPMP finds it. Could be immediately dismissed from program. Sucks, because it could happen to any of us. An error on the side of someone else, costing careers ( I'm ready to fight this, though) I've never had any positive tests. Over 3 years in the program.

    False positive urine

    An hpmp participant for almost 4 years. Recently a urine showed positive nitrites and I was asked if I had adulterated. Of course, no. And the split sample was repeated. I didn't hear anything, didn't have anything to hide, assumed all was good. 2.5 months go by and "BAM!" A CALL AT WORK STATING IVE ADULTERATED MY URINE. Stop practice. States nitrites were too high. Awaiting "staffing"

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