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  1. So idk if anyone is going to read this, but I'm in a weird place right now. I just got my first nursing test grade back, I saw my score when i was driving and it got me really upset. I came home and looked at it again, and I found out that I got the lowest grade in the class. I've been an NA for two years, I've been working hard to get into this program for three years, I love nursing, and now I feel like my future is about to ripped away from me because of this exam. I know it's the first one, but I just can't believe I did so poorly. I pretty much have to get every problem right on the final exam in order to continue the program, I am capable of doing it. But I just feel so defeated right now. I have another exam on Thurs. and I barley studied for it because I put so much energy into the first one. I'm right now studying, probably not going to sleep tonight. Not gonna lie, I'm pretty scared about everything right now.

    1. caliotter3


      You need to immediately make an appointment with your instructor and get to the bottom of this.  And try to analyze your study methods on your own. Be very, very honest with yourself if you think you may have slacked.  Best wishes.


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