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  1. Hi, everyone:Should I do travel nursing or ED?

    I have been a nurse for almost 5 years. My first job was at a very busy hospital med-surg/tele/ortho/burn/trauma/neuro floor, sorry, I know is very long but that is what I used to do and it was fun even though it was the floor. I have always being excited about travel nursing, and I even took a job 2 years ago but when I went to my director she gave me a really good offer and I decided to stay. After this I have being regretting not taking that assignment. The problem now is that I have a baby, bought a house and transfer to another hospital. I feel stuck even though I just started my MSN but I really have not clue what I want to do once I'm done with my MSN. I have also being thinking about doing ED for a while, I feel bored on the floor and I know it will open my opportunities as a travel nurse. Any advice on what should I do first? Is travel nursing possible with a baby and a husband? Should I just sell my house and start travel nursing?

    Thank you


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