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JJohnson specializes in Dialysis.

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    I've grown tired of FMC

    here’s how the work load is split in this facility: CIAs/Med reviews: each nurse has approximately 20 patients that they are responsible for doing annual CIA and monthly Med review Foot checks: we keep a list of diabetics at nurses station. If you are the charge nurse (what we call ‘team leader’), you do what foot checks you are able to do on any given day. Everyone just chips away at list over the month. Vaccinations (VAM?????) are given by the team leader on the day they are due. This may be a dumb question.... Do you think that each nurse being solely responsible for one job would be more efficient than the way I've described? I've never experienced it the way you describe, so I'm asking your opinion.
  2. JJohnson

    I've grown tired of FMC

    I've worked at FMC for several years. This is the only dialysis unit I've ever worked at, so I have nothing to compare my experiences with. This is a 30 chair unit, operating two shifts per day. I don't quite know how to word my frustrations, but I'll do my best.... I feel like they (the company, as opposed to the clinic manager) keep shoving more busy work at staff. Some of that does come from in-house. But the majority of my frustrations are from company. "Here's just 'one more' thing for you to do." Foot checks, CIA's, med reviews, admission paperwork, the mandatory education that comes around each year (that I'd have in any specialty....I understand), post-hospitalization forms..... I'm tired of it. I've been bottling it up. But it's just overflowed in the last few days.