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    ICU experience for CRNA school

    I’m currently a MICU Rn in a large level 1 trauma hospital for the past 2 years. I’ve always had the goal of going to CRNA school. I’ve noticed that I have become really comfortable with my patient population, and have been looking for a new challenge. So I started studying for my CCRN, and I noticed that I have a knowledge deficit when it comes to cardiac! ( mainly IABP questions) My current hospital splits the cardiac patients between the CCU, and the SICU. SICU get the open hearts which are performed 2 days a week. So I’m not sure that transferring would give me a well-rounded option. Looking at other hospitals there is a CVICU at a level 2 trauma magnet hospital that about 2.5 hours away from where I currently live that I could apply for. (Family is from my current area, but I’m single with no kids so moving isn’t an issue.) So what should I do: -Should I transfer to the CCU, but never recover the open hearts? -Would moving hospitals and switching to a level 2 CVICU be more beneficial for making a CRNA school application more competitive over the level 1 CCU? -Or do you think I should apply now and see what happens and buy some cardiac books to review? Thanks for the advice!