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  1. TbistheMc

    Am I too old to become a nurse?

    Regarding your questions- I just had a physical and found out I'm in great health so that's good. I'm in great financial shape- no debt, healthy savings account, etc. I have been a housewife for the past 9 years. Before that, I worked as a secretary. I am applying to ADN and BSN programs. The ADN programs around here are ~$7,000 and the BSN are....a lot more. All of my local community college programs have a partnership with a local college enabling us to earn a BSN after in ~1 year. Those programs, from what I've seen are ~30-40K. I want to change direction because healthcare always sounded really interesting to me and I really miss working. I know this will make some of you lol. I would like to get my CNA after my prereqs (maybe earlier, still undecided about this one) in case I don't get into nursing school the first time.
  2. TbistheMc

    Am I too old to become a nurse?

    Everyone- WOW. I'm blown away by all the positive responses. I really was worried about my age because literally no one in my prereqs has been my age so far! Ahhhh so relieved. Thank you everyone!!!
  3. TbistheMc

    Am I too old to become a nurse?

    Hello there! I'm a 43 (almost 44) year old pre-nursing student. I would LOVE to become a nurse but worry I'm too old. I've done really well in prereqs so far (4.0) and will be able to apply to programs in a year. For what it's worth, I'm in good shape physically and (usually lol) mentally. ANY input would be much appreciated! Happy Holidays to everyone out there!