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    New Grad Needing Urgent Job Hunting Help

    Hi guys, I'm a newly graduated nurse who just received my license about 2.5 weeks ago!!! I'm super excited to get started working in my first nursing job. So I've been working at a hospital near me as a unit secretary on Labor & Delivery for the past 2.5 years, so of course I would love to begin my career there as a nurse as well. 2 weeks ago I saw they posted an opening for their new grad internship program in the NICU, and excitedly applied because I definitely feel like I would love that position and be a great fit! I let my current nurse manager know of this. I was scheduled for a phone interview with HR 2 days later, and they left it off with me that they would contact me in a few days to schedule an interview with the nurse manager. Well, now it's been almost 2 weeks and no response... I sent an e-mail to the recruiter I spoke with on the phone to follow up on my application and affirm my interest in the position but she never responded. I'm hesitant to e-mail her again now since she never answered, and I was never provided with a phone number to reach her. I am so eager to begin my nursing career, and I know that 2 weeks isn't unusual for a hospital to take to get back to you but it is still discouraging, especially because she stated she'd get back to me in a few days and never responded to my email. So I was planning on reaching out to my nurse manager (L&D) and inquiring if they had any opportunities for new graduates on that floor or if she knew of other openings in mother/baby. My question is that does it not look good if I reach out to her to ask about other opportunities, despite her being aware that I applied for this NICU position? The waiting game is just killing me and I feel like I shouldn't just be sitting around waiting for their call when in all honesty it may never come. Should I reach out to my manager to see if any opportunities are available in my current department? Thanks guys.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm currently a newly licensed nurse in the process of getting my first nursing job! I've worked at a hospital for 2.5 years, and am in the process of trying to get a position in their nurse internship program for the NICU. I spoke with a nurse recruiter on for a phone interview screening about a week ago, and she left it off with me that she would call back in a few days to schedule an interview with the nurse manager. It's been a week and I still have not heard anything! :( I was wondering how I would go about wording an email asking what the status of my application was and what the next course of action will be?? I want to make sure I'm sounding as professional as possible. Thanks everyone!!!