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    I keep getting cancelled.. help :(

    @RNNPICU yea, I'm not sure about the other units in my hospital but on the unit I was hired on all new grads start out as per diem and typically can apply for FT or PT around 6 months. I do have a set schedule where my manager gave me 3 days a week, but I have been getting cancelled from those hours this past week. It is just frustrating because in April I was working 3-4 days a week due to a surge of patients but now we suddenly are completely empty so I am first to be cancelled. I am considering looking to transfer departments within my hospital but I have only been on my unit for 4 months and feel that it won't look very good that I am leaving my unit this early on. @PollywogNP No, I do not have benefits but my pay rate is significantly higher than that of a FT employee. I definitely am considering a departmental transfer within my hospital, I am just worried that being that I have only been on my unit since January it won't look good to other departments that I am transferring out already, plus I still don't have a lot of experience yet as a new nurse
  2. Heather Danielle

    I keep getting cancelled.. help :(

    @PollywogNP on my unit new nurses are hired per diem, not sure about other units.
  3. Heather Danielle

    I keep getting cancelled.. help :(

    Hi everyone, I am currently a newer nurse working on a specialized unit in a hospital. I started working there in January and came off of orientation in March, so I have been on my own for about 1.5 months. Up until now I haven't had any issues with getting cancelled, but I was just called off for my 4th shift in a row today. This is extremely frustrating because a. how am I supposed to gain more nursing experience as a new nurse and b. how am I supposed to have any means of income? It is frustrating because I was hired for per diem on my unit (all new nurses are) so we are the first to get cancelled due to low census. I'm afraid that I'll lose all of my shifts for the upcoming week as well. Is there anything I can do in this situation? I know I should talk to management about this but in reality there is not much they can do since it is hospital policy to cancel someone if the census is low. Since I have been there only 4 months and this is my first job is it inappropriate to start looking for another one? And given the current crisis we are in I feel that this makes this extra difficult for me to find another position. I really do love my current job and don't want to leave but this lack of hours lately is not okay with me. Anyone who's been in this situation or similar, what did you do? I'm just a baby nurse who really wants to gain valuable nursing experience and a solid income. 😞 Thanks guys.
  4. Heather Danielle

    New Grad Needing Urgent Job Hunting Help

    Hi guys, I'm a newly graduated nurse who just received my license about 2.5 weeks ago!!! I'm super excited to get started working in my first nursing job. So I've been working at a hospital near me as a unit secretary on Labor & Delivery for the past 2.5 years, so of course I would love to begin my career there as a nurse as well. 2 weeks ago I saw they posted an opening for their new grad internship program in the NICU, and excitedly applied because I definitely feel like I would love that position and be a great fit! I let my current nurse manager know of this. I was scheduled for a phone interview with HR 2 days later, and they left it off with me that they would contact me in a few days to schedule an interview with the nurse manager. Well, now it's been almost 2 weeks and no response... I sent an e-mail to the recruiter I spoke with on the phone to follow up on my application and affirm my interest in the position but she never responded. I'm hesitant to e-mail her again now since she never answered, and I was never provided with a phone number to reach her. I am so eager to begin my nursing career, and I know that 2 weeks isn't unusual for a hospital to take to get back to you but it is still discouraging, especially because she stated she'd get back to me in a few days and never responded to my email. So I was planning on reaching out to my nurse manager (L&D) and inquiring if they had any opportunities for new graduates on that floor or if she knew of other openings in mother/baby. My question is that does it not look good if I reach out to her to ask about other opportunities, despite her being aware that I applied for this NICU position? The waiting game is just killing me and I feel like I shouldn't just be sitting around waiting for their call when in all honesty it may never come. Should I reach out to my manager to see if any opportunities are available in my current department? Thanks guys.
  5. Hi everyone, I'm currently a newly licensed nurse in the process of getting my first nursing job! I've worked at a hospital for 2.5 years, and am in the process of trying to get a position in their nurse internship program for the NICU. I spoke with a nurse recruiter on for a phone interview screening about a week ago, and she left it off with me that she would call back in a few days to schedule an interview with the nurse manager. It's been a week and I still have not heard anything! :( I was wondering how I would go about wording an email asking what the status of my application was and what the next course of action will be?? I want to make sure I'm sounding as professional as possible. Thanks everyone!!!