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  1. Hello! has anyone worked at the 5th floor at West Hills Hospital, or West hills Hospital in general, that could share their thoughts and experiences. I am a new grad nurse and a StaRN candidate for their new grad program. I heard it is a 2 year, 10,000 contract and just wanted to know a little more from the nurses who work, or have worked there before accepting an offer.
  2. nursenatrnbsn51

    West Hills Hospital RN New Grad Program

    Hello! I am currently a new grad nurse looking for my first nursing job. I applied to West Hills Hospital for their RN new grad program to their 5th floor (oncology preference). I was wondering if anyone has worked at this hospital and could share their experience? I know it is a 2 year, 10,000$ commitment and I wanted to hear some feedback!
  3. Hi there! I was wondering if you got and took the offer and how it has been going so far! I applied for their feb 2020 cohort!
  4. nursenatrnbsn51

    Palomar Health New Grad Residency 2020

    Hi everyone! Haven’t seen a thread yet for the Palomar Health nurse residency for this winter/February 2020 cohort so just wanted to start one! Just thought we could inform each other on what we hear and such!
  5. nursenatrnbsn51

    CHLA RN Residency March 2020

    I applied to 4E and haven’t heard anything yet; no interview or rejection email

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