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    HELP I don’t know what I’m doing

    hey everyone I could use some advice/help. This is my first semester of nursing school and I’m feeling lost. We’re almost done with the semester with one test and our final left to go and I have a 78.5% in the class (need an 80 to pass). My first exam I got an 80,second 76 and this last one for today I got a 72. This is crazy to me cause I studied for this last more than the others. I read my notes countless times, read my chapters, did the study guides for my chapters, did nclex style questions, did the ati modules and tests. I feel like I’m trying so hard and just keep doing worse I don’t know what to do and while everyone around me is progressing I feel like I’m behind and it’s super discourageing and is giving me a heartache:( can anyone tell me what to do.