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  1. Christina B

    Patient's "right" to abuse nurses...I need your opinion

    You can ask that she be reassigned to another nurse. We would always take turns taking care of the more difficult patients. The best thing to do is simply ignore her when she calls you name. She keeps doing it because you respond to her. Yes, her call light needs to be answered but within reason. Tell her what she is doing is abusive and you will not tolerate. Round on her every hour, that should suffice. Smoking is a privilege, not a right. You have the right to refuse to bring her outside to smoke if you are tending to other patients. This patient needs a strong lesson in boundaries.
  2. Christina B

    Difficulty with scheduling

    I need a bit of advice. A year ago I took a position for a mid shift position in an emergency department. Shortly after my orientation, they eliminated that shift. We were told when volume increases they would add the position again. It has been a year, volume has increased and they keep changing what they are looking for in order to add the mid shift position back. I have been working nights but it's taking its toll on me. I took a sign on bonus with the position that encompasses 2 years. What is the legality in all of this? Do I have a foot to stand on? Also, if I decide to leave, could I say they were in breach of contract so the sign on bonus is nullified and void. Please help!!!
  3. Christina B

    Arrested for DUID on Way to Work- Will I Lose my License?

    I do agree. No nurse should be taking narcotic pain medication while at work. If you need it to control pain, fine, but stay home and definitely stay off the roads. We tell our patients upon discharge not to drive while taking these medications, why are we exempt? Just because someone does not feel the effect of a narcotic does not mean it is not decreasing their response time, mental reasoning, etc. These are things we can not judge ourselves. Just as a chronic alcoholic can function with a blood alcohol level of 0.20, he would still be considered legally drunk even without signs of intoxication. The other issue with this is she was driving while extremely fatigued. This is the same as driving drunk. Common sense should have been used and no police officer should encourage you to continue to drive when you say you can not. At the end of the day, you are responsible for yourself. Working while actively taking narcotic pain medication when you have people's lives in your hands is irresponsible on the part of the nurse and the employer. It is a huge liability.
  4. Christina B

    Quitting HCA after 5 months

    Unfortunately, with HCA being a for profit organization, you are probably going to have to pay a prorated amount back. Was it in the contract that your orientation had a monetary value placed on it? Also, a majority of hospital units run their nurses at 5 to 6 patients as long as they meet med/surg criteria. I would suggest applying for a position in a SAR. It will teach you time management, organizational and prioritization skills that can be valuable on a busy med/surg floor.

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