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  1. cna1234

    Sitter to escort patient during smoke breaks.

    The doctor was contacted multiple times throughout the shift to see if the order for a PSA could be d/c but doctor insisted. And unfortunately, because the sitter was ordered, they had no choice but to follow hospital PSA protocol and keep the patient in direct view at all times. I’m glad y’all find this situation as ridiculous as i did.
  2. cna1234

    Sitter to escort patient during smoke breaks.

    The best part was, the unit was understaffed at the time. There was no unit clerk and all the nurses and cnas were maxed out with more admits coming.
  3. cna1234

    Sitter to escort patient during smoke breaks.

    Literally just to make sure they didn’t have a stroke in the parking lot while they were smoking. No other reason. Patient was alert, oriented, entirely independent. Didn’t need or want a wheelchair ride down to the parking lot. The sitter sat in the hallway most of the day, staring at the wall, while the patient was sleeping, just waiting for them to wake up with the desire to go out for a smoke.
  4. Hi all. Just curious about opinions on this topic. A patient safety attendant being assigned to sit with a patient for the sole purpose of escorting them off the unit whenever they please to smoke in the parking lot. This patient has high blood pressure and is receiving IV medication to treat it, but pressures remain very high. The sitter is to walk with the patient, make sure they smoke safely, escort them back to the unit, and sit in the hallway outside their room until the next time they would like to go smoke. Curious on what people think about a sitter being used for this purpose!