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  1. First, quit talking yourself into the corner where failure means a slow tortured death. That's what I found out when talking to someone after leaving another profession and pursuing the one I longed for terrified me. Then talk honestly with someone about what it would mean to get the degree, or graduate, or practice at whatever your education level and decide you hate it, can't do it, or can't make the grade. Learn where your own monsters under the bed are, those intense fears that creep up on us, get a flashlight and discover they're not real. And please, take action before you actually consider harming yourself. You can do it, become who you want to be, do what you WANT to do. Take some pressure off. Godspeed.
  2. transplantwest

    Energy Medicine: Is this real?

    Chiropractic and clinical massage therapy and physical fitness are the only reasons I'm walking. Severe scoliosis, diagnosed at five, Milwaukee brace at 14. I developed drop foot at 27, and a chiro relieved it and chronic debilitating headaches which I thought were migraines, turned out they're due to military neck (straight, no curve, part of scoliosis). Now almost 30 years later, so so grateful. If traditional medical folks worked with "alternative medicine" folks, instead of against, we would have a much healthier population.
  3. transplantwest

    I’m in a toxic relationship with the ER

    Career counseling and help from a couple executive friends helped me separate my personality traits from my field of work. You mentioned being docile before working in the ED, and the work helped you overcome that. Sounds like you've challenged yourself and succeeded. Now those challenges feel like degradation. I felt the same and left a career I loved. I had to reframe the work, and structure my attitude around taking the bad with the good and find other ways to challenge myself personally. Hope this helps and good luck. Don't let a seemingly lack of forward personal momentum take you away from the work that you love and have the gifts for.

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