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  1. Hi everyone, 

    I am an RPN to BScN student in the Co-Mac stream at McMaster University.

    I became a certified PSW in 2016 and started working as an RPN in 2018. I've been working in LTC the last year and now a BScN student through McMaster. I've decided to make my own account on allnurses because I've found this site helpful in my healthcare journey. 

    Please ask any questions you may have regarding my experience in these healthcare roles and the McMaster Nursing Program!



    1. Mercy


      Hi, I will be starting my PSW journey by Jan 2020. Pl did you go through the PSW-PN bridge?

    2. RPNtoRNStudent


      Hi Mercy, 

      That's great! The PSW program I attended at Conestoga was awesome, and I loved the experience.

      Initially I was going to do the bridge program from PSW to PN but when I was accepted into the Accelerated Full-time program I decided to do that because it was only 1 year and a half (continuous with no summers off). I wanted to get my PN diploma quickly so I could start working.

      Depending on your financial situation, sometimes doing the full-time Practical Nursing program is better than part time in my opinion. Many people do work as a PSW while in nursing school. 🙂



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