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Happy Life is a BSN, RN and specializes in Graduate BSN.

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  1. Happy Life

    Mount Sinai NYC Hiring Process

    You got it too? Did they say anything? I sent it already only 1 reference left. So what's the next step?
  2. Happy Life

    Mount Sinai NYC Hiring Process

    Hello! Anybody here got an email from a recruiter asking for 5 references? I just received it. They didn't call or say anything prior to that. I'm confused. I emailed her asking about the process, no response at all.
  3. Happy Life

    Mount Sinai NYC New Grad

    Did they tell you what campus is the available position? And how long did you hear back from them? Thanks!! 🙂
  4. Happy Life

    Are you a nurse working in Brooklyn?

    Hello! I need your help. Is anybody here working or know somebody at a NYC HHC Brooklyn. Kings County or Woodhull, are they hiring? I'm an HHC nurse but at a different location. I'm not specifically looking only for an HHC hospital, could be any acute hospital in Brooklyn. I'm looking for some kind of networking to help with my career decisions next year 🙂 Thank you!
  5. Happy Life

    Did you use UWorld?

    What do you mean all UWorld rationales? There’s no way to know what questions you can get during NCLEX exam. The UWorld questions supposed to prepare you for NCLEX not give you an exact NCLEX questions that you can expect at the actual exam. Of course the rationales will help you answer the NCLEX questions but test taking strategies are important as well. You can memorise all the nursing content but if you don’t have good test taking strategies, you’ll have difficulty passing. Actual NCLEX questions are very tricky and most of the times vague.
  6. Happy Life

    What's your ESSENTIALS?

    Hi, for nurses out here may I ask what's your everyday essentials? From your favorite pen to your favorite phone applications. I'm hoping it could help us new graduates. Thank you! 1. What facility are you in and what unit? (SNF, acute care, rehab, correctional... etc.) 2. What are your every day essentials? 3. Do you have general tips that can help new graduates?
  7. Happy Life

    1st NCLEX in 4-5 weeks now..NY

    @amus180 you can email me here natsuholmes1@gmail.com
  8. Happy Life

    How long did you stay at your 1st job?

    I hope some of you can see this topic again and put some insights. I'm a new grad and wanna hear your stories. Thanks!!
  9. Happy Life

    NYC Health+ Hospitals? HHC?

    Hi, anybody here working in the NYC Health+ Hospitals? or will start to work there on March 2020? I have a question 🙂 i need your help
  10. Happy Life

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    @Seau Yin Chong My school sent it to CGFNS. 3-5 weeks after CGFNS received it, they sent it to NYSED. I didn't have any problems with my documents.
  11. Happy Life

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    @Seau Yin Chong I graduated at the Philippines 1. Did the school sent your transcript to CGFNS? or you did? What did they suggest after telling you that it is not valid? 2. CGFNS to NYSED is 3-5 weeks for my case. 3. When NYSED received it, it took 10-12 weeks before I received my ATT 4. Then I paid and scheduled at Pearson Vue ONLY after I got my ATT. Hope this helps.
  12. Happy Life

    Ruining My Career?

    The nursing field has a lot of branches and opportunities! Do not put yourself in a box. Explore what you like. Good luck!!!
  13. Happy Life

    What to wear for interview?

    Hi, may I ask what to wear for interview? I'm a new graduate RN about to have my interview here in NYC, do I really need to be in a suit? Does wearing a nice longsleeve, tie and slacks enough? Im a male nurse btw
  14. Happy Life

    NYP Hiring Process

    Hi everyone, I need help. I'm a fresh grad no experience. How can I apply for NYP? Do you have an email address of a recruiter? I would greatly appreciate it. Here's my email natsuholmes1@gmail.com. Been looking for grad nurse residency online but no luck yet 😞
  15. Hi, everyone from New York City! I would like to ask if any of you here are about to graduate and take NCLEX or taking the NCLEX soon: What hospitals are you planning to apply to? Are there any graduate residency program that you know? Please I need your help thank you! (btw, just pass the NCLEX exam so if you need help, i'll try my best)
  16. Happy Life

    Did you use UWorld?

    If you took the exam and used NCLEX RN UWorld, what are your daily/average scores? Did you pass? What are your strategies? mixed questions or by systems? If you are about to take the NCLEX RN, what are your average/daily scores and how many weeks are you preparing?