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Happy Life is a BSN, RN and specializes in Graduate BSN.

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  1. Happy Life

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    NYSED gave me the email address of CompEd after I asked them. I would suggest emailing Comp Ed every 2-3 weeks. Mine took 10-15 weeks.
  2. Happy Life

    What's your ESSENTIALS?

    Hi, for nurses out here may I ask what's your everyday essentials? From your favorite pen to your favorite phone applications. I'm hoping it could help us new graduates. Thank you! 1. What facility are you in and what unit? (SNF, acute care, rehab, correctional... etc.) 2. What are your every day essentials? 3. Do you have general tips that can help new graduates?
  3. Happy Life

    NYC Health+ Hospitals? HHC?

    Hi, anybody here working in the NYC Health+ Hospitals? or will start to work there on March 2020? I have a question 🙂 i need your help
  4. Happy Life

    What to wear for interview?

    Hi, may I ask what to wear for interview? I'm a new graduate RN about to have my interview here in NYC, do I really need to be in a suit? Does wearing a nice longsleeve, tie and slacks enough? Im a male nurse btw
  5. Happy Life

    How long to get license issued?

    Maybe it takes longer this time because there's a lot of new graduates now. Try calling the boards.
  6. Happy Life

    1st NCLEX in 4-5 weeks now..NY

    @pcardnurse Hi can you email me at natsuholmes1@gmail.com cos we can't private message each other here. I'm done with NCLEX, passed got my license already. Took 1-2 weeks for my ATT but it really depends on the volume of applicants at that time.
  7. Happy Life

    About to graduate? or about to take NCLEX?

    Thank you!! Hi, I was educated outside US so my processing was a lil bit different than yours. But as I have observed, it will take 1-2 weeks depending on the volume of applicants. Especially now that there's a lot of new graduates, maybe more than that. @pcardnurse
  8. Happy Life


  9. Happy Life

    Medications 2020

    Hi, I would suggest studying different classes, suffixes, common nursing responsibilities and side effects. There's a lot of it in youtube
  10. Happy Life

    Did you use UWorld?

    HI everyone! Thanks for your replies! I passed! I used uworld for 7 weeks, did 75 questions mon-fri (sometimes 135q). Always used tutor mode and mixed. My routine was answer-rationale, answer-rationale doesn't matter if wrong or right, I always read it. My scores were 50%-60%. Answered again all my incorrect questions a week before my exam. Still has 500 questions left. Took the exam for 2 hours and passed at 80 questions!
  11. Happy Life

    NYP Hiring Process

    Hi everyone, I need help. I'm a fresh grad no experience. How can I apply for NYP? Do you have an email address of a recruiter? I would greatly appreciate it. Here's my email natsuholmes1@gmail.com. Been looking for grad nurse residency online but no luck yet 😞
  12. Happy Life

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    @PediaNurse ohhh I see, I can't really say how would that go cause I did not experience that. So I assume you already sent and paid your RN application to NYSED online? Cos if you have already, they have a "Contact Us" page where you can email them to track the progress of your file. I would recommend giving them a call both CGFNS and the NYSED about your situation.
  13. Happy Life

    CVS - NEW YORK - CGFNS 2019

    Hi @PediaNurse May I ask you why did you use CVS NY but did not send any documents to them? It's seems like you're paying for the service but did not use it. The usual process would be: 1. Pay CVS CGFNS NY and follow all the information they gave you to process your documents (like print the cgfns files & give it to your school/license issuer) 2. Wait for the CGFNS to receive your file (which was sent by the school) 3. Wait for the CGFNS to verify your files then they will send it to NYSED after (8-10 weeks I forgot) regardless if it is done or not. To sort everything out, I recommend calling CGFNS and NYSED. You can send your files directly to NYSED using the specific forms they have on their website BUT they recommend CVS-CGFNS-NY for FASTER processing. I don't know how long would it take if you won't use CVS CGFNS NY. I hope I made it clear. If you still have questions, just ask me. I'll try my best. 🙂
  14. Hi, I am just wondering if any of you knows the Fellowship program Northwell Health have and how does it work and how is it different from the New Nurse Residency program. Just passed my NCLEX-RN and I'm from NYC btw. Thank you!!!
  15. Happy Life

    How Long to Get ATT for NCLEX?

    I think you can use this link to estimate the time. http://www.op.nysed.gov/prof/nurse/
  16. Happy Life

    How do I study for NCLEX RN?

    You pretty much have most of the content needed to pass the NCLEX. All you need to do is establish a study plan, how many hours a day, establish a routine and please, rest when you are tired. Focus now in answering questions to improve your test-taking strategies. Use your book or notes for your weak points. If you are tired of answering questions, you can look at youtube videos. It is very helpful.