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  1. Advice please!

    I was diagnosed with Food allergies shortly after starting my job in Pediatric home health. I switched to home health because my baby is a preemie who needs to be kept out of daycare. I work weekends and my husband keeps him. My biggest culprit food allergy is corn. Other fruits veggies. So I've cut all corn out of my diet which has been hard. I've never had anaphylaxis. Just sores on tongue like irritated taste buds and a thick or sore throat. Never any wheezing or trouble breathing. 

    The place I work has been sending powdered gloves which are powdered with corn starch. Should I let them know of my new allergies? Would they let me go for the possible risk? I've never had anaphylaxis and have an epipen. I don't have any nut allergies or asthma. I am currently on sublingual drops to desensitize the allergy.

    What should I do? should I supply my own gloves with fears of being let go? Or should I let them know about my allergy? 


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