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  1. Iryna_IC

    FSW SPRING 2020

    Yes, it says: You may register for nursing classes after the AS NURN Primary Major is added to your student account. This will take up to five (5) business days after Nov. 20, 2019 to allow for processing of forms by the Registrar’s Office. So hopefully by Wednesday
  2. My class was on Saturday from 9 to 1 or so

  3. You can also check out this one https://cprworksfl.com

    I took it last year and they gave me discount when I mentioned Rasmussen college. I paid $40 back then

    1. LindsayMomof3


      Awesome thank you! 

  4. Iryna_IC

    FSW SPRING 2020

    I think it’s one for all nursing students and you just join when you become one
  5. Iryna_IC

    FSW SPRING 2020

    Someone asked about shots. I’m sure tomorrow we will get more detailed info but someone might find this helpful. You can find shots we need and approximate cost listed in attendance cost sheet (attached). I went (last year) to Lee Health Convenient Care to get it done. They open seven days a week till 8 pm and it can all be done in one place; I made one appointment for everything including TST, physical, shots, titers. If anyone needs info on CPR class Cape Coral/Fort Myers location, let me know. I also posted this in FB group.

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