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  1. ADVICE PLEASE:  Fraud/unethical practice from Alternative to disipline program/nurse health programs 

    Has anyone had any experience with their state nurse health program that required legal action on your part? Im asking because I'm in a VERY strange and bad place. I asked for my complaint to be sent to my board because the nurse health program was NOT practicing within their scope. I have recieved their notes in which the nurse health program sent to the board and the board gave me copies. Their is false documentation stating on seperate occasions me and my employer spoke with someone else other then the supervisor who handled my entire complaint after i began asking questions reguarding policy. They had me submit to a random drug test in which i complied but they had me change my chain of custody number in place of my social, dates are changed to an inaccurate one.  All this because they did not follow protocol in the complaint process of a registered professional and I questioned this. After doing so they informed me another complaint came in..i found later who reported me. They both came to me. The second person stated she did not call to file a complaint but the nurse health program called her and it is charted as her calling and making a complaint. The last straw was the supervisor calling me with my evaluation results and stated I failed my first drug test. Which is IMPOSSIBLE. After arguring with him, i told him to spin it down. A week later he still stated it qas a positive result. I told him to send it to the board because thats impossible i dont do drugs. He actually raised his voice at me..infuriated i did not enter his program. It took over the 24 hour mandarory reporting guidlines to report this complaint. It was sent after 48 hours. Since the program supervisor denied me a copy of anything even my complaint which i found later i was suppose to recieve. I had to get all copies from my board. Everything was inaccurate. I was told that i should have recieved a complaint notice in the mail instead the program called my employer and notified them and told them to suspend or refrian me immediately, which by wv code is illegal without solid evidence. I feel they changed my chain of custody on my drug test to attain this evidence which is not true! Has anyone had this issue. Any advice would help. Im scared the rn board won't touch it obviously but they did tell me they will not refer me back to them. Thank you for reading

    Love, a scared and confused fellow nurse 

    #intentionalwrongdocumentation #fraud

    #concern #nursehealthprogram #lies



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