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  1. New Grad please help...

    So I was recently hired (7 weeks into orientation) into a new grad residency program for a small local hospital. Today I was presented with a Performance Improvement Plan out of the blue. My preceptor does not give negative feedback and when asked, does not offer much in the way of improvement. Apparently I am not meeting standards. I am a new nurse and this experience has crushed my confidence. Any advice?

    1. Nurse.Kelsey

      Nurse.Kelsey, RN

      Well what does the performance improvement plan say? Take it for what it is and try to work on it. And also, seek advice from other nurse leaders other than your preceptor.

    2. NurseKristenW


      It’s very vague and refers to subjective things like “confidence” and “meaningful patient relationships.” 

    3. Nurse.Kelsey

      Nurse.Kelsey, RN

      I feel like what matters the most with patient relationships is just being honest with them. Talk to them like anybody else. Engage and genuinely talk to them! 


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