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MrSala16 specializes in Pre-nursing.

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  1. MrSala16

    Made 94th percentile

    Thank you so much! I appreciate you confirming the onscreen calculator because the test prep I am using has that as a tool, so I am relieved to know that it will be the same.
  2. MrSala16

    Made 94th percentile

    Congratulations on your score, and thank you for all of the valuable information. I have been using the ATI Smart Prep and have consistently scored 85-89% in all subjects. I have taken AP and Micro, so I am sure that helps. My question is: If I think I may run out of time, is it better to guess and answer them all, or not answer them if I run out of time. I tend to get nervous when I see the clock winding down. I have been taking the units timed, but I am trying to prepare for all scenarios. Also, can you use a calculator. I have heard some people say yes, others say no. Thanks again for your information!
  3. MrSala16

    SJVC Visalia ADN app 2019

    Thank you!
  4. MrSala16

    SJVC Visalia ADN app 2019

    I am applying to SJVC and I was wondering what the Essay "Topic of The Day" consisted of. I realize that they change the topic every day but to all those who already applied; was it like "why do you want to be a nurse?" Or something in a totally different direction. Thanks in advance!

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