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  1. Cdrz

    Hello! I saw your posts on the GEPN 2020 thread and read that you have the exact same prerequisites that I have to take as well: Genetics, Biochem, and nutrition.



    ive messaged chris and the professor about the prerequisite but havent gotten any response. Do you know how youre going to be scheduled next semester? Would very much appreciate any help because im worried about not completing those prereqs

    1. ac808


      I’m going to take biochem and genetics online next semester. Then taking nutrition online in the summer. What were your questions? 

    2. Cdrz


      Sorry, my questions are how will you be taking Bio 375 if Bio 275 is a needed prerequisite? did you already complete Bio 275 or did the professor override that requirement for you? 

      also, what online biochem course are you taking? I wasnt able to find an online class for that course

    3. ac808


      I am taking biochem online at KCC. The online genetics is through a mainland college. Email me at ayc808@gmail.com and I’ll let you know in more detail. 


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