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  1. AKS

    Failed employment drug test - CBD oil

    Yes, thanks for sharing your experience. It amazing how little things can lead to potentially bad situations that we would never think twice about. I’m going to look in to it and get some coverage.Thanks again.
  2. AKS

    Failed employment drug test - CBD oil

    I appreciate the input. I was told by the agency that since I was not an employee they would not be reporting me. I was told by the MRO that he reports his finds only to to the agency. Nevertheless, I am still anticipating this could get reported and have looked into several attorneys. Obviously, I am hoping I won’t need them. I’ll let you know how that turns out This site was very helpful in preparing me for what may come. Very stressful, unfortunate situation because I didn’t look into it. Live and learn, I guess. Thanks again for your thoughts.
  3. AKS

    Failed employment drug test - CBD oil

    Yes, absolutely staying away is your best bet until the laws catch up and it is better regulated. I should have looked in to them more and not believed the sales pitch. I was wondering if I would get reported to the board though since it was an agency and and I wasn’t currently working.
  4. Hey all, I thought I would share my experience so someone can avoid this happening to them. I was taking 37.5 mg of Full-Spectrum CBD oil tincture for back pain as well as using a salve. I spoke with my neurologist about this and he actually offered me a medical marijuana card, which I turned down because marijuana and nursing is a very gray area to put it mildly, and I also had no interest in going in that direction. Full-spectrum supposedly has less than .3% concentrations of THC. I bought my product from a small farm in Vermont and the cost was significant. I recently started the process of travel nursing and had a good job lined up at a hospital for their ortho floor. Everything was going well until last week when they called to say I failed my drug test because of marijuana. I don't smoke marijuana and wasn't around anyone who was. I don't eat it either. My test come up as 20ng/ml for a positive. Please use caution when using CBD. It's a great thing and did help with my pain but it cost me this job.

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