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    CGFNS: CES Professional Re-evaluation

    Good for you, it's a good thing you still have it in your cgfns account. My previous report were not saved permanently in CGFNS website because someone did the initial process for me and it eventually expired a couple of years after I passed the boards, so unfortunately I have to do it all over again. Now I'm waiting for them to review and issue my ces report to BON Delaware, for god knows how long.
  2. Hi, I graduated in the Philippines. I've been a nurse in Massachusetts for 3yrs. But I want to get my nursing license endorsed in the state of Delaware. As a part of the process, BON required me to do have CES Report. So I've been dealing with CGFNS. AGAIN. First was before I took NCLEX. Is anyone familiar with CES Report for nursing endorsement to another state? I was never licensed in Philippines, so I'm worried the CGFNS will require me to submit a copy of my professional license from Philippines, but it's not possible because I was never a licensed nurse there, I only took NCLEX after college and moved to US. Is anyone here have the same situation? did CGFNS require you so submit your non-US nursing license? I thought CGFNS only required validation of transcript from my school backhome.. On top of that, CGFNS takes so long to process any documents. It's so frustrating because no one will hire me in Delaware if I don't have permanent delaware license. HELP?:( Thanks!