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DoodB162 has 2 years experience and specializes in Dermatology.

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    CRNE Exam failed AGAIN

    Thanks for the response! I wrote wtih ASI on my final breakdown. I found the questions half and half, some easy to identify and some harder to understand. I finished 140 questions without second guessing then the rest had to really think about them. What study materials did you use? I re-write in three weeks
  2. DoodB162

    CRNE Exam failed AGAIN

    I've just found out i've failed the exam for the second time, I've never had an issue with school (always good grades) and now I go into this exam and think I'm having no issue and it's another fail. I studied the fourth and fifth prep guide and felt like they were easier than the exam, bought four prep guide books off of amazon and did not have any issues with them either I found them to be an awesome resource, and I bought the predictor exams and previous exams off of yardstick and was finishing with 80% no concerns. I'm writing exam in the next up and coming exam date due to I need to get this finished for my job. I'm just feeling so down and shocked by this exam. I don't know how to start studying for this exam again. I feel like I know the material but when I choose the answer for the exam I'm questioning which answer I would do as a nurse and "what answer does this exam want?". Any suggestions how to over come picking the answers?