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  1. kesha1128

    LPN to RN without the bridge option

    Hi Guys I am LPN and I recently got accepted in a bridge program, for me I accepted the bridge as opposed to the 2 year. I simply spent the entire month reviewing fundamentals and basic information, on most of the Hesi review exams I did pretty well, I refreshed my memory but working in the field helps a lot. Im excited and scared at the same time. Good luck to everyone.
  2. kesha1128

    Lpn to RN at Kankakee College in IL

    hi I have recently applied to the LPN to RN at Kankakee College and was wondering if anyone else did ? I took Hesi A-2 my accumulative score was 80% they wanted 75%. Everyone I met was applying for 2 year , has anyone here done the bridge ?