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  1. Do you have a copy of the notes? Any study materials will help

    1. Nurseinprogress2019


      No I don’t , I saw someone had bought some from someone but I was scared to buy them 

  2. Nurseinprogress2019

    ATI Comprehensive RN 2019

    It won’t let me inbox you but this is my email nurseinprogress20199@gmail.com thank you !!
  3. Nurseinprogress2019

    ATI comprehensive RN Exit

    Did they help you ?
  4. Nurseinprogress2019

    ATI Predictor

    Do you have any tips for the comp predictor I take my Third attempt soon and I’m so nervous !
  5. Nurseinprogress2019

    NCLEX experience 75Q-Failed ATI comp predictor

    Hi do you have any tips ? I take my third attempt soon and I’m super nervous !!!!!!!!! How was it for you ?
  6. Nurseinprogress2019

    ATI comprehensive RN Exit

    Hi can you send it to me as well ! Please
  7. Nurseinprogress2019

    ATI Exit Exam HELP

    Thanks guys I will look into both! Appreciate yalls feedback so much !
  8. Nurseinprogress2019

    ATI Exit Exam HELP

    Hi guys I am in desperate need of help , my school requires us to pass the ATI Comprehensive Predictor in order for us to graduate. I have retaking it multiple attempts and I can’t seem to pass by one point. we are required to achieve a 95% score or above. I have done remediation , ati practice questions/test , went over my ati books and compared what I have missed but it seems like everything I’ve done has not been good enough. anybody have any tips or study materials that could help? I would really appreciate it. im really trying my best to Keep my confidence up. This has been very tuff and at the point that I don’t know what else to do.