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Dementia Care Medication Tech/CNA
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Gabriela specializes in Dementia Care Medication Tech/CNA.

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    Tonight was terrible. I I took to long here to get to my point I’m sorry I’m super tired work in memory care as a medication technician/ cna. We have both assisted living and memory care departments. Anyways most of our staff has quit. I can’t get ahold of our ED, Lpn or management. Tonight I came to work very sick but knew there was no one else. Come to find out all the care givers for my department had called out. I have so many meds to give it’s very hard for me to do both care and meds. We got one Agency care giver and a co worker came in later. I was supposed to be off at 11. There was no night shift medication tech On the schedule and they couldn’t find any. The Med tech from assisted living (who is management) asked me to count out with them (narc count) so they could leave early. Gave me their keys and told me that I could go home an hour after my shift ended so I could give the meds for that hour. Our Health and wellness director said that I could leave then as well. There would be no more meds that night. At that point it was myself and 3 Agency care givers for the whole building. No other Med techs. I ended up two hours after shift and really needed to go home. I spent as much time as I could training Agency. I told management I couldn’t stay all night and they all left without finding anyone and would not respond to my calls or texts. so I secured my keys in a Med tech only area and went home...reluctantly. management didn’t even tell them who to call in emergency. I gave them my number even though I’m not on call. Then I left the building with 3 people who didn’t know the residents. Aside from a brief training. anyways I did not accept the shift. I repeatedly told them I could not work 16 hours today and would not be staying over night. now here’s my question, did I abandon my residents because I didn’t have someone of equal or better training to hand off to? It was a very manipulative and shady move to just abandon me there like that. Is the fact I said no to the double and they said I didn’t have to do it, in my favor here? I’m afraid I’m gonna be used as the fall guy if they have trouble? They do this to me all the time. Don’t schedule anyone and stick me there alone then not answer your phones when I need to clarify? Did I just get weaseled to get myself into trouble? I assume a Med tech has to be on duty every shift?