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  1. Hey guys, not sure if this is the right area to post this since this is my first post. I'm a long time stalker on this site and have found it tremendously helpful in the past. So long story: I've been a peritoneal dialysis (PD) nurse for 3 years (current position). Been an inpatient acute hemodialysis nurse for around 2 years. I have never actually been an inpatient RN, even though I have been exposed to the setting during my time as a acute HD RN. Being a dialysis nurse was never really part of my interest when I was going through nursing school. I actually fell in love with nursing when I got a rotation in the ICU. As a new grad back then, I had no luck getting into the countless hospitals I've applied to. Due to connections, I got into the dialysis world. I am grateful for the opportunity, but being a specialized form of nursing, I have soon become burnt out by getting that feeling that I've lost the skills I've learned in nursing school. Fast forward to today, I've been called in for an interview in a med/surg position in the trauma unit. I've been searching through the forums here trying to look for any advise on going from outpatient to inpatient and had no luck (since inpatient to outpatient is a lot more common). I need help in preparing for this interview. As an outpatient nurse, I know I've become dull in some of the skills utilized in the inpatient setting. I need help in preparing for this interview in the best way I can. What questions should I anticipate from a trauma manager? I really do want to get this job as it will open up so many options in my nursing career. Any tips or suggestions from you wonderful people would be very much appreciated. TLDR: I'm an outpatient nurse with almost no inpatient experience and have an interview for an inpatient trauma med/surg position. My goal ever since nursing school was to get an ICU position. I think this is a good avenue to achieve that goal. I need help in preparing for this interview. What questions should I anticipate and how do I, as an outpatient nurse, approach said questions?