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RaizaMenaACNP is a MSN and specializes in Critical Care.

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  1. RaizaMenaACNP

    NP to CRNA

    Hi, I am an acute care Np and recently applied to a crna program and got in! I currently work in the ICU as a NP but if you have all your pre reqs and experience you need, it will only put you ahead of the rest of the applicants!
  2. Hey! lets get in touch rmena1101@gmail.com

  3. RaizaMenaACNP

    University of Arizona CRNA 2020

    Hey Sugammadex, I was accepted as well! lets keep in touch. Not sure if there is FB page yet. My email is rmena1101@gmail.com
  4. RaizaMenaACNP

    University of Arizona CRNA 2020

    Hello, I interviewed as well! Anxious to hear back!

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