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  1. maddyg7

    Portage Chemistry 121

    @ nnekababy..oh, no see that's what i was afraid of that is going to be hard i heard from other source that its harder online in this online course than it would be for on face to face class. i only need to take one CHEM with lab and i cant afford to fail. what area did you find most challenging, was it the quizzes, lab work , midterm, or final? also i though that you get assigned to a professor to help you if you didn't understand the lesson that was giving? well the good thing you pass. Now i need guide anything you can tell me to get through this online CHEM would greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. maddyg7

    CSUSM- California States San Marcos for ABSN

    So for each semester you take 3 class wow..that's rough.. it is competitive.. how is the class spread out, if it is? I've done all my upper GE exsept the 2 that they requiring me to do on campus. GOING to ask the admission if I was to take in with the school if i can do it before I start the program that would help just get to nursing program not worry about those 2 core classes. Thanks again for the info.
  3. maddyg7

    CSUSM- California States San Marcos for ABSN

    @aweseome_sauce.. Thank you for answering my questions..is odd I've called and emailed the admission office and spoke to one of the nursing advisor told me the first 2 class has to be taken within the program I really want to do it on another campus so for I have nutrition will be transferred over just not the boi ethics and anth .. They specifically said is part of the nursing program just tht of course it starts on the first part of the program.. As for clinical, where do you have the clinicals location at? When you got in if you don't mind me asking what was your teas results? How soon did you get approved? I apologized for all the questions, just want to prep myself when I apply.. There are only 2 ABSN Program in SAN DIEGO I can only apply since I don't want to redo my anotomy and physiology for ADN. Thanks for helping me out.
  4. maddyg7

    Portage learning prerequisites

    hello was wondering since ill be taking the same class,did you end up passing? if you did how was the modules, quizzes and final if you don't me asking nervous more since I'm not the best in taking math and i feel ill struggle with this class because of it. any info. would greatly appreciated.
  5. that is awesome thank you for your encouraging words and for fighting what you wanted to be.. wanted to know if you ended up going to NYU if so that is great. I'm so scared of going to nursing all because I'm not the best test taker but i can do the work in class or h.w and hands on when it comes to clinical. is there any recommendations you provided to all of us or me about how you manage to work on your study time ?
  6. Hello, Has anybody taken or has enrolled to CSUSM for ABSN program? I wanted to get more information about the course work and how competitive it is the program. This is one of 2 Colleges/University that I can apply for either ABSN or BSN. In order for me not to retake any of my Science class, if not ill just apply for ASN. Any information you can provide me would greatly appreciated so that I can better pre myself. The only thing I dislike about the program is the CSU Core-perquisite GE that I have to do in person as a required residency which are PHIL 345-Bioethics, BIOL 323-Nutrition and ANTH 301- Cultural anthropology. thanks hope to hear from someone soon.