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  1. I only need micro which I will taking spring 2020, I am scared because I keep reading they wont even look at my application for the summer or fall 2020

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    2. daysi maribel

      daysi maribel

      Thats so long, I want to start Fall 2020, I dont want to wait for 1 class. If I would have know I would of taken it this semester. 

      when did you find out about the summer session?

    3. OsiriaRose


      Omg! So sorry I meant fall 2020!

      I found out about it October 26th. They announced it during the open house.

    4. daysi maribel

      daysi maribel

      Omg i had a heart attack right now, It just been such a long journey between switching what I want to do initially 😞. I hope you understand.   

      would you mind emailing me? Daysi.mlx3@gmail.com @OsiriaRose


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