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Seau Yin Chong

Seau Yin Chong

Heart Kidney Orthopedics
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Seau Yin Chong specializes in Heart Kidney Orthopedics.

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  1. Seau Yin Chong

    Plan to become a RN in New York

    Thank you. I have SSN as I'm married with my US citizen husband. And thank you for telling me processing time of BON.
  2. Seau Yin Chong

    Plan to become a RN in New York

    Hi all I'm from Malaysia. I had been living in Japan, studied nursing all in Japanese language, and had nursing license, worked as nurse for 3years (2013-2016) Currently, I'm married to a US citizen and waiting for EAD (work permit)and Green Card. As what I read from the internet, EAD would take 5months or longer, Green card takes 10months or longer. Can someone tell me if EAD or Green Card will granted me to be a RN in New York with qualifying for other requirements ? For the steps, I understand as below: 1) get education and license verified by CGFNS 2) take Child Abuse identification and Infection Control coursework 3) register licensure with New York state board 4) apply for NCLEX with Pearson VUE I am wondering if the sequence above is correct? And those who experienced, please kindly tell me how long it took for each steps and advices to plan well ahead. And if I only have 3-4months to study and be prepared before the NCLEX? When does NY Education Department will require work permit EAD or Green Card for licensure to me ?