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  1. So, I am sorta freaking out here. 

    For some background....The second half of my ABSN program was sorta hectic. I was pregnant with my second child (due in march) my hubby left for deployment later that month, we have a two year old daughter already, I was staying with my mom, I graduated with honors in April, passed my NCLEX in May, then moved to MT for the summer so my in laws could help with the babies while my husband finishes his deployment. He got back mid-September and we are now living on Camp Pendleton. Ok...now that yall are caught up. Here is why I'm freaking out. 

    I am a new grad nurse. I'm finding out QUICK that southern CA is notorious for being a tough market for new grads. I have applied to residencies (which I'm waiting to hear back on), the naval hospital (got an interview, still waiting to hear back on), and countless other hospitals. I've gotten so many denials. I've only been here for a short while, but reading all the forums about SoCal is almost discouraging. Haha, I even just got a seasonal job at Costco just to have a job....non-nursing related at all! Thing is.....I KNOW I'd be a kickass nurse, if given simply the opportunity. I really want a residency for several reasons. The training, for one. The support, the opportunity to go into a specialty that you truly love (L&D for me, I want to become a CNM one day), and work for an amazing organization. 

    So my question for all you who have been down this path and got residencies and bridged into your career...what do you think made you stand out? Like, almost 500 applications for limited spots, what did you do that you feel made a difference? I have medical experience both as an CNA and a phlebotomist, I have two bachelor degrees (biology and BSN), I was a student nurse ambassador for my cohort, I have great LOR from professors.....I just feel like these residencies are cut throat. Any help would be so amazing!


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