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    Resume "requires" work experience??

    Hi all! So I recently graduated with an ADN and I am pursuing my BSN (2 classes to go!!). Problem is, I have no work experience in healthcare and barely have anything substantial in any other field. Worked as a secretary/T.A at a Elementary/middle school for a year and as a cashier for another year. I'm fairly young (22) and I feel like that just adds to the "this person is inexperienced" aspect. For one of my BSN classes this past semester, the instructor had us revamp and submit our resumes to help us out. She returned mine saying that most places require a work experience section/I needed one. I was confused by that but it was one of our last assignments and I never got to contact her about it. I attached my resume to get a feel for how bad/good it is from you guys (hopefully). Does it really need a work experience section?? Can I start submitting this or does it look like it still needs work?Resume sample.docx