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    HELLO EVERYONE! I am a newbie here. i would like to seek advise/input/help regarding my case. I am a BSN graduate in the Philippines and i hold a Philippine RN and RM (reg.midwife) Licenses. I also have worked experiences in Saudi Arabia for 6 years, with a total of 8 working years including my Philippine work experiences. I worked in Labor & delivery during those years. it has been 4 years since my last employment as there were family matters that i personally need to attend to. I am currently living here in CA and now with SSN. I am interested in getting LVN Licensure exam first before pursuing an RN lic here in California. Previously, I took the NCLEX-RN exam for Florida BON Lic but unfortunately, i failed it for the first time. My questions are: 1. What are the steps for LVN Licensure exam for foreign educated nurses? 2. Do i need to undergo CES? 3. How do I submit my requirements now that i am already here in CA? 4. should i pursue LVN or re-take my NCLEX-RN exam at the Florida BON. if so, how do i go about submitting the re-examination application? thank you so much in advance for your help. God bless!